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08 May 2007 @ 09:35 pm
A stone  
A short novel about the feeling of not being enough.
Don't hesitate in levaing your opinions in a comment.

There was this girl who in many ways was very special. Deep inside she knew she was, but she can’t let it out. She know there’s nothing wrong with her and that somwhere in the world there are those people who loves her and to whow she means a lot to. She know she’s very well favoured and that a lot of people in other places in the world would kill to live her life. Yet she ain’t happy. And she feels very bad about this. She just can’t love herself and she can’t either see all the good things about her that everyone else sees. She sees herself as a dreamer and a hypocrite instead. Not a day goes by without her daydreams about how she want to be. About what she want to do but that she’s to afraid of doing. She want to know who the real “me” is and most of all, she just wants to get rid of that anxiety and nervousness she feels every single day in conncetion with other people. I know I have the most amazing friends a girl like me can have. But then why do I feel so unsure of my own ability to change my life, and why on earth do I feel so alone?