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08 May 2007 @ 09:31 pm
A king and a queen  
Yet another school project about loneliness and feeling that you don't belong anywhere.
Comments and critiques are very welcomed.

School is a bad place. A place of evil. Carissa knows that. She have never liked it, ans she thinks she never will. Maybe it’s because of the social problems she use to have there. Everyday when it’s time to go to school Carissa is always feeling something that hurts inside of her. She can feel it in her stomach. She then reminds of all the staring, whispering and talking about her among her school friends. She sees it everyday she passes the corridors. She is too afraid to say anything to any of them, she can’t talk to them in the way she wants to. It is just really hard to her doing that, she feels so self-concious and insecure. Everyday she’s telling herself it’s not worth the try to talk to them, they don’t want to talk her anyway. They full on busy with their friends. Today is no exception. There she goes quiet all by herself to her class sit down alone in the front of the room so she can hear what the tutor’s saying. She always try sit in front of the room so she don’t have to see everybody else talking about her. It’s enough that she know they do. As usual during class Carissa doesn’t say much and isn’t raising her hand even when she has something to say. She don’t want to risk anything if her class mates thinks she’s wrong. The class is ending after two hours and Carissa take her things to go have her lunch. She’s preparing herself for another meal all by herself alone at an empty table. But today a boy named Steven from her science class go sit having lunch with her. When she realize he’s only not sitting there because of lack of company but because he wants to sit with her. Carissa’s making a private smile and suddenly she’s feeling more confident than ever before. She doesn’t feels lonely anymore.